Best Natural Beauty Products To Take On Vacation

[email protected] December 31st, 2018
Natural Beauty Products To Take On Vacation

Keeping your skin fresh and healthy might be your biggest challenge when on a vacation. Stress adds to skin aging so skipping that vacation is out of the question! Let’s talk about some products which will keep your skin hydrated and glowing even when you are enjoying your much-needed getaways. Let’s dive in.

Best Natural Beauty Products To Take On Vacation


The last thing you want on a vacation is sunburned skin. Spending your vacations under the sun to get some warm color on you is awesome. But getting burned is not so pretty, nor is it healthy. Using natural sunscreens will shield you from the scorching heat, and still allows you to enjoy the sunbathing time you love. Natural SPF ingredients are the perfectly effective answer for your skin – especially since common ingredients used to give many sensitivities and even allergic reactions.

Hair Creams

The next thing that won’t be happy on your vacation if you neglect to protect it will be your hair. Harsh sun, salt water of the beach, or drying winter winds and cracking fires at the ski lodge may drive your hair crazy and wild. Make sure that you pack an organic hair cream to soothe your precious locks, and a cute scarf or hat will protect your hair from the sun beating down on it and maintain a bit of moist environment for your scalp and hair.


Dry skin is the next challenge. Never let your skin suffer on your vacations. Instead of using the usual moisturizers – or those highly questionable hotel amenity offerings – pack along the ones with organic oil bases from Sia Botanics to keep your skin hydrated all through the day, and apply at night after a relaxing evening bath or shower.  Let your skin glow with the same freshness as you glow inside from your awesome vacation.

Hand Sanitizer

The places you choose to go can be beautiful yet unfamiliar. So carrying a hand sanitizer with you is always hygienic. Foreign places, especially tourist spots may seem clean to the bare eyes but all public areas host many microbes, and that includes hotel rooms. A hand sanitizer will save you from these unhealthy and unwanted traveling companions – germs.

Face Mist

A fresh spray of water on your sunbathed face feels incredibly rejuvenating. Spray the mist on your face and after a few seconds pat it gently with a tissue paper. This will leave your face supple and moist. Spraying on the mist any time during the day will help you feel fresh and awake so you don’t miss a second of your adventure.

Don’t forget to pack these lifesavers during your next vacation. The best natural beauty products are available at Sia Botanics. Learn more about our unique desert botanical skin care systems. Add it to your “To-Do List” to make sure that you visit the Sia Botanics store before leaving for your next trip.

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