Top 3 Cleansing Mistakes To Avoid

admin@siabotanics December 10th, 2018
Cleansing Mistakes To Avoid

Possessing glowing and flawless skin is everyone’s dream. There are many beauty products and tips available today both online and offline. Avoid the temptation to try them all, as it can do damage to your skin rather than improve it. It is always recommended to follow a healthy routine and to put your focus on using organic skin care products.

Here are some tips from Sia Botanics on what NOT to do while cleansing your face:

Not Removing your Makeup First

If you are a make up wearer the pores on your face can get especially clogged. The whole purpose of cleansing is to get not just remove the dirt and makeup collected on the surface but also to get your pores deeply cleansed. Your first step should be to use a makeup remover to remove it completely. There is no point in using a cleansing product on your face while there is makeup still on it. This will allow your skin to reap the benefits of the botanical ingredients in the next step – your cleanser. Although make-up removing wipes are are an easy option, be selective with the formulas as many might damage your skin with the harsh chemicals typically found in so many wipes. Going organic might solve this.

Never Be Harsh on Oily Skin

This is one common notion held – to do battle with our oil glands! Using harsh cleansers with oily skin actually has the reverse effect. Clearing the pores too deeply and intensely enhances oil production. Using a mild cleanser will always be the best option for your oily skin. This still removes the excess oil and clears the pores, but not too deeply. If you are making this mistake, please lose the habit and make peace with your oily skin.

Don’t Exfoliate Too Much

Over-exfoliating or scrubbing your skin often will damage your cells for certain. Of course, the feel of soft and smooth skin is rather addictive, but keep it down to twice a week. This is enough. Anything overdone will always create damage, and the last thing you want is your skin getting damaged.  Use gentle and organic products which will enhance your skin and keep it protected. Do not traumatize it.

Step away from overdoing harsh methods for good. Begin afresh, or modify your face care routine using these healthy habits from Sia Botanics organic beauty products. Let’s keep our skin healthy and glowing.

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