MINI Rehab Detox Soak

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They tried to make me go to Rehab. I said…no, no, no. Well, that was before you realized how gently we can pull and trap those pesky toxins.

Remember, the skin is your body’s largest organ. Its primary purpose is to remove toxins from the body and keep toxins out of the body. Help your skin maintain optimal health for your entire body by soaking in this detoxifying bath brew.

Pro tip: The activated charcoal we use in Rehab will naturally tint your bath water a shade of grey. To avoid staining, rinse your tub immediately after your bath.

Experience The SIA Difference

We start by sourcing the most nutrient dense plants in the world from the Sonoran Desert. Then we create super concentrated effective formulas by combining the best of science and nature. To accomplish this we cold process our active ingredients, work with the farmers to make sure we know our ingredients, source locally whenever possible, keep our formulas vegan, use natural preservative systems, pH balance all of our products, keep synthetic toxins, fragrances, colorants out of our products and we never test on animals......Actually, we test our products on the people we love best.

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