Oily Skin? Here are 5 Tips to Break Away from Breakouts

[email protected] March 21st, 2019
Oily Skin? Here are 5 Tips to Break Away from Breakouts

Do shiny areas on your nose or forehead tend beyond “dewy” and venture into the “shiny” and “greasy” categories? Well, then you’ve got the oily skin type. Oily skin can be challenging, but there are some blessings in disguise as well. The good news is that with proper care, that oily, more supple skin of yours will resist fine lines and wrinkles longer than average, giving you a head start to your latter year Diva-Hood!

5 Tips to Break Away from Breakouts

Most of us intend to take good care of our skin. We try to faithfully follow the correct skincare rituals. So why does our skin still break out after all this seeming TLC? The solution lies in keeping stringently healthy habits and choosing high quality, nourishing skincare products to “feed” your face what it needs. The next time you buy skincare essentials, make sure you check the ingredients and remember that what works for your BFF may not work for you.

Oily skin is often the result of hyperactive sweat glands. You can end up having clogged pores that culminate in The Attack of the Dreaded ZIT! At Sia Botanics, we understand how difficult it is to deal with oily skin, so here are a few wisdoms for people with over-achieving oil glands:


Hands OFF those pimples! Breakouts are a given when it comes to having oily skin. It is crucial that you resist engaging in pimple-popping as a pastime. As a matter of fact, try not to touch your face much at all. Your fingers carry dirt, which enters your pores and next thing you know, blemishes erupt! Picking at pimples will just compound your trouble by spreading the infection to other parts of your skin, leading to still more breakouts. Moreover, that poor pimple will likely just re-infect and turn into a “can’t miss it” volcanic-sized sore that will last days longer. This increases the chance it will leave scars and pockmarks on your face. You don’t want that, do you? No, you don’t.


It’s a dangerous cycle: Oily skin types simply love to rid themselves of all that oil by dabbing on the strong chemical toners, but this spells (insert melodramatic music here) DOOM for your skin! When you use a harsh toner, it potentially strips your skin of all its important moisture and natural oils, making it go as dry as a desert dune. Then the not-so-funny joke is on you because that dryness then triggers your poor skin into action for oil production OVERLOAD to compensate for all the lost moisture and natural oils, thus making your skin even oilier and greasier than before. Don’t, just don’t!

We suggest that you use a mild toner with natural ingredients that are specifically formulated for oily skin. Our personal favorite is White Sage Toner by Sia Botanics. Its naturally antibacterial botanical ingredients such as White Sage, Willow Bark, Tea Tree, and fruit extracts help maintain the oil balance of your skin and reduce the chances of a breakout. It not only gently removes excess oils but preps the skin to drink up all the healing nutrients that your moisturizer has to offer. Speaking of moisturizers…


Moisturizing is essential, but the type of moisturizer varies. For anyone with oily skin, a heavy moisturizer is generally off-limits. For oily skin types, heavy moisturizers can lead to clogged pores and ultimately big, bad, gnarly zits! For this very reason, make sure you buy products with labels that read ‘light moisturizer’, ‘oil-free moisturizer’ or, ‘suitable for oily skin’! Light moisturizers that penetrate quickly will be less likely to pick up sneaky dust particles and other pollutants in the air that will stick to them, just waiting for a chance to turn into a zit.
Sia’s White Sage Oil-Free Moisturizer is our go-to product. White Sage is a natural anti-bacterial in this uniquely oil-free botanical formula. Ocean Minerals Moisturizer is another choice that makes all skin types feel pretty happy and nourished.


In order to remove that dirt and grease, oily skin types often resort to excessive washing of the face – definitely not good for your skin, or any skin-type, actually. Just as harsh toners strip your skin of natural oils, excessive washing and cleansing do the same, leaving it parched so it puts your skin cells into overdrive to once again over-produce oil in order to compensate for the loss. More oil equals greasy, shiny skin!


A common misconception about oily skin is a belief that aggressively scrubbing the skin helps to cleanse out the pores, in order to keep the oil and grease in check. However, this is not true. Scrubbing tends to encourage MORE oil production in your skin. If you don’t believe us try over-scrubbing your nose with a rough washcloth, after which you may actually see little oil geysers gush forth from your amazing oil glands – Eureka! No, don’t try it, just take our word for this, OK? If you insist on scrubbing, turn to a mild exfoliating scrub like Sia’s Blueberry Scrub. We know it can be addictive but go easy. Once a week is fine.

So there you have it: Our Top 5 Things that oily skin types must never do. Remember that your oily skin is a blessing in disguise and with proper control measures you can be a beauty queen now – AND 40 years from now! Shine on (a little, anyway!)

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