REHAB detox soak


They tried to make me go to Rehab. I said…no, no, no. Well, that was before you realized how gently we can pull and trap those pesky toxins. Remember, the skin is your body’s largest organ. Its primary purpose is to remove toxins from the body and keep toxins out of the body.   Help your skin maintain optimal health for your entire body by soaking in this detoxifying bath brew.

Key Ingredients:

Black Lava Salt – volcanic salt with a high iron content. Helps remineralize skin to provide nutrients essential to combating environmental toxins

Activated Charcoal – Gently pulls and traps toxins from the skin. Hospitals bathe patients who have been exposed to hazardous waste in an activated charcoal.

Sea Salts – provide magnesium and other trace minerals needed for optimal skin function

Cinnamon Root, Ginger, Clove, Black Pepper, Rosemary – Herbs and roots traditionally used to help increase circulation and blood flow and bacteria skins bacteria balance. This moves nutrients to the areas needed, helps reduce inflammation and fight free radical damage.

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