How To Pick The Right Face Mask For Sensitive Skin

[email protected] January 21st, 2019
How to pick the right face mask for sensitive skin

Facial masks are terrific skincare products, to be sure. Those with sensitive skin may rightfully be tentative about trying out a facial mask, as many masks are formulated with overly-aggressive ingredients that can mean trouble for your sensitive skin.

So, let’s explore facial masks for sensitive skin:

Are facial masks even suitable for sensitive skin in the first place? Yes, they are! When chosen correctly, they are one of the most superior methods for calming and healing sensitive skin. Extended application times with gentle and active ingredients can produce truly impactful results by delivering high concentrations of active ingredients and maintaining proper pH balance. The right formula can perform multiple actions: Soothe, reduce pores, hydrate, reduce fine lines, even-up skin tone — the list goes on. So, are you ready to say YES to facial masks?

Now, let’s get down to the business of choosing the right facial mask for your sensitive skin:

How about your medicine cabinet?

Some prescription medications can cause sensitive skin, itchiness or dryness. These include some diuretics and cholesterol-lowering drugs. Investigate your medications, and if you have any questions or suspicions contact your pharmacist and learn about the skin side-effects.

What ingredients should you avoid?

People with sensitive skin, you need to read those ingredient labels! For instance, if you suffer from dryness, salicylic acid is a no-no. It will only dry it out even more. Some masks also have aggressive sloughing and exfoliating ingredients, which may cause you trouble. Sensitive skin doesn’t do well with too-harsh chemicals and sloughing exfoliators, so steer clear, Dear. Dyes and fragrances are another entry in the “Avoid” category, mainly synthetic scents used in high percentages. For those with sensitive skin, it is best to avoid highly scented masks – and heavily dyed ones with synthetic dyes. Food allergy concerns can translate to beauty products, too. Choose gluten-free formulas if you have a sensitivity to this ingredient, which can cause a gamut of issues from redness and swell to rashes.

What are the BEST ingredients?

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s talk about the ingredients that are good – no, GREAT – for that sensitive skin of yours.

The single best ingredient for sensitive skin is aloe vera. Aloe vera works like magic on sensitive skin types – ALL skin types! It heals, reduces inflammation and soothes your skin in an immediately noticeable way.

Hyaluronic acid works wonders on all skin types, especially on sensitive skin because it calms and keeps it hydrated and plumped.

Proven skin calmers include oatmeal, cucumber extract, calendula, and other well-documented herbals. All are rich in benefits to protect, rejuvenate, calm inflammation and irritation, and HEAL.

An effective delivery system, such as the synergistic blend of Jojoba, Frankincense and amino acids is SUCH a winning combination for both gentleness and the deep penetration of all those tremendous nourishing ingredients.

We hope that’s a good start for you. Now you have some tips to finding a facial mask that compliments your skin. Our recommendation is Sia’s Desert Aloe and Jojoba line. Remember to cleanse your face with Sia’s Desert Aloe and Jojoba Cleanser before relaxing with Desert Aloe and Jojoba Moisture Mask!

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