Top 4 Desert Botanical Skincare Ingredients and What They Do

[email protected] February 6th, 2019
Top 4 Desert Botanical Skincare Ingredients

Desert climates are known for having extremely high temperatures and meager rainfall levels, but did you know that due to the lack of moisture in the desert night air it does not lock in and retain the heat of the day, so temperatures can plummet each night by 40 degrees F or more? This is an intolerable environment for most plant life – only a few incredibly well-adapted plants can prosper in such harsh weather conditions. They not only survive but are able to thrive. These super survival traits have imbued many of them with amazing healing properties. Given these resilient qualities, it isn’t surprising that desert plants are often the source of some of the most powerful and sought-after botanical ingredients in the skincare industry. So, let’s delve a bit deeper into these skincare Superstars.

Top 4 Desert Botanical Skincare Ingredients and What They Do

Why these desert botanicals?

The four specific desert plants we’ll be covering contain super-concentrated nutrients along with powerful skin protection abilities. They possess extraordinary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, along with other qualities such as the right balance of minerals and a phenomenal moisture-retaining capability.

Here’s our Superstar list of the most powerful desert plants and how they can help heal your skin:

Prickly pear

This spiny yet beautiful native of the Sonoran Desert possesses ruby-red fruit loaded with betalains (a super antioxidant), vitamins B and C, magnesium and many other minerals. The prickly pear is an adaptogen rich in anti-aging vitamin E, proven to protect against free radical damage and keep the skin feeling nourished and supple. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties sunburns, bites, stings, and even a bruise can be treated with direct application of a prickly pear “pad” (the leaf part) on the affected area. Both fruit and pad are quite edible and commonly eaten in the Southwest where the pads are known regionally as Nopal (no-PAHL). Oil pressed from the seeds is TWICE as rich in proteins and fatty acids as the much-touted argan oil. Sia Botanics prickly pear cactus skincare range is specially formulated for mature skin, however, all skin types can benefit wonderfully from the prickly pear botanical attributes.


Jojoba is one of the most effective solutions to dry skin problems. Grown abundantly in the hot dry Sonoran Desert, this shrub is known for its naturally hydrating properties. This very characteristic of the plant is what makes it valuable in skin care formulas. Jojoba esters sink in to improve the structure of skin cells and restore moisture. Therefore, jojoba is believed to be one of the most powerful desert botanicals to help return skin to its healthiest state. It is the environmentally friendly, vegan option that most resembles human sebum, as opposed to whale oil. Jojoba oil and esters speed up cell repair and protect skin against environmental damage.

Aloe Vera

We have all heard of the hydrating properties of Aloe Vera. Another amazing adaptogen, this skin-quenching miracle plant is packed with zinc, magnesium and amino acids that act as a nourishing moisturizer. This impressive superstar succulent possesses the ability to soothe and heal cuts and burns when applied directly to the affected area.
The Aloe Vera leaf can be directly applied on the skin but since it can leave a tacky feel. We put them in our skin products with no dilution or adulteration as a quenching, healing skin elixir base. Take a look at Sia’s Desert Aloe and Jojoba products for dry skin to help repair and renew skin cells.

White Sage

This rare form of sage found in only a very small region of the desert. White Sage has skin cleansing and healing properties. Its Latin name, salvia, is where our word Salve comes from. White Sage helps balance out the oil and keep bacteria at bay without drying out your skin. You may even find that organic skin care products for men contain sage because it helps control ingrown hairs and increases cellular turnover. Moreover, this potent plant helps restore blemish prone skin to clear, smooth and flawless skin.Try Sia Botanics White Sage Collection for combination skin which renews skin and leaves it feeling healthy and radiant.

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