Why Should You Exfoliate Your Skin Weekly?

admin@siabotanics December 17th, 2018
Why Should You Exfoliate Your Skin Weekly

Exfoliating gives your skin the freshness it deserves. It peels off the dull, dead skin layers and increases circulation in the fine capillaries to bring out your skin’s best. But how often should you exfoliate? If exfoliating gets your skin glowing, what’s wrong with doing it daily? Why are you advised to only do it weekly? Let’s find out the answers to your questions in this blog.

Why Should You Exfoliate?

Who doesn’t long for perfect skin? Exfoliating your skin will remove the dead cells, thus giving chances for the new ones to take over. It leaves your skin soft and smooth. By exfoliating, you are helping to keep your pores super clean which in turn can significantly reduce breakouts. Exfoliating reduces fine lines and one benefit of that more even texture is that it holds your makeup in place for longer.

How Often Should You Exfoliate?

Two or three times will work the best. Anything more than that will damage your skin. If your skin is highly sensitive, never go for more than once in a week. Exfoliating every day strips the skin of its natural oils, which may cause breakouts. Also, It can cause irritation as you are removing the top layer of your skin before it gets a chance to rejuvenate and heal itself. Over-exfoliating can cause chronic skin inflammation and irritation, which may lead to accelerated aging – exactly what you DON’T want.

Sugar Is Your Best Friend!

You don’t hear that often in a beauty post, but in this case, it’s true – sweet! Sugar crystals are the gentlest scrub available for your skin. Their crystalline edges break down and soften a bit with moisture contact and massaging friction, providing a wonderfully gentle method to remove and polish the delicate skin of the face. If you’re having only a few dry spots – say, around your chin and mouth – a scrub with sugar crystals is your best bet. They gently dissolve dead skin cells without irritation, which makes them the perfect choice for the thin areas around the mouth and near the eyes. Lips love to be scrubbed too.

Give attention to your skin’s unique needs and adapt accordingly. Don’t simply exfoliate your skin because its 8 am, do it when you feel your skin needs and deserves it. Choose the highest quality organic products to keep your skin loving your routine. We hope you’ve learned some great new habits from these tips compiled for you by Sia Botanics, amazing natural products formulated with desert botanicals.

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