Retinol Serum

Aging Beautifully With Retinol Serum

One of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘What is the one thing that will help me age beautifully?’. If you have been searching for a path towards dramatic results, over time, look no further than our new Retinol Serum.    When you are ready to commit to a long-term relationship, Retinol Serum will stay true and always deliver. If used consistently, you will inhibit signs of aging before they occur. You will also see the benefits of dramatically improved skin texture, a more even skin tone, plus a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Best Preventative Serum

We all want to see results. This is the right place to find them. Retinol Serum provides long term improvement in skin elasticity while inhibiting production of fine lines & wrinkles and smoothing texture. Our Retinol Serum is unique because it provides long term benefits that are comparable to prescription retina-A’s without the typical months long flaking and drying that accompanies these formulas. Our buffering formula with smaller molecular structures also allows our serum to be stronger percentages than typical retinol serums on the market and still gentle. Dermatologists consider Retinol THE foundational anti-aging ingredient because there is more positive research on it than any other ingredient. Retinol takes a few weeks for your body to convert to its useable form, but it works as well as Retin-A, without the harsh side effects. It does not require a prescription. Retinol creates the best conditions for cellular turnover, where new more youthful skin is revealed. It will work to retexturize your skin as it fights free radicals that make skin appear dull.  Your skin will appear more youthful and the elasticity keeps skin plump. By using our Retinol Serum, you get to enjoy these dramatic results without the big price tag or months of unbalanced skin experienced with other formulas.

Where to Start   

There is no wrong time to start using Retinol Serum as part of your skin care routine. Start at any age, provided you are committed to sun care. Since we are not in the sun as much, the winter season is a great time to build up your first layer. We suggest only using your Retinol Serum at night. If you have not used a similar product before, start by using it 3 times a week and work yourself up to using it every night. Here is a suggestion how to fit this into your winter routine: TIP: When you apply Retinol Serum to totally clean and dry skin, you’ll have significantly less sensitivity. If your skin feels dry at all after your first application, try mixing Retinol Serum with your moisturizer!

Here Comes the Sun

As much as we love a bright day, the sun is not your friend when it comes to retinol. You must stay out of the sun to the get benefits. Retinol Serum will increase sun sensitivity. It will also impact the efficacy of sunscreen. If you do have regular exposure to the sun, it will damage your skin. Only apply Retinol Serum at night and be sure to apply sunscreen in the morning! NOTE: Stop using in summer a few weeks before you plan to be outside a lot. Your winter skin care routine is the best time to introduce retinol. After you build up your usage, your skin will be on track to appear 10-20 years younger if used over time. Within the first month you’ll see improved texture. It is also an amazing anti-acne tool which comes in handy when we deal with the dreaded “maskne” as a side effect of mask-wearing. You only have one face, so take good care of it. Along with a good mineral sunscreen, using Retinol Serum is the single most important thing you can use for the appearance of your skin as you mature.