Deeply Hydrating Mineral Mud Mask

Deeply Hydrating Mineral Mud Mask

With so much whirling around us, it’s nice to slow down and reclaim some clarity. One way to invest in rest is by enjoying a moment of self-care. Meditation can help you focus on your breath. For extra deep cleansing, give your skin time to breathe with a detoxifying face mask.

Please say hello to Mineral Mud Mask, the latest tool in our skin-perfecting arsenal created to reveal your most radiant skin.

Deep Hydration

This hydrating mask combines the healing powers of Copper and Clay to create a luxurious weekly use mask. It offers intense nourishment with trace minerals that smooth texture, decongest pores, and powerfully support your skin’s ability to maintain resilience. You’ll get all these benefits without drying!

The nutrient dense Kaolin clay mask effectively detoxifies skin and improves the appearance of pores. The game changer is that it also infuses skin with a big dose of hydration. This mask is great for all skin types and has been packed with nutrients to nourish the skin. Mineral Mud Mask is great for all skin types and particularly beneficial for skin clarity.

Nourishing Ingredients:

Copper Peptide: Studies have shown that when applied topically to the skin, Copper Peptides support collagen resilience over time. Collagen and elastin are difficult to impact topically. Copper peptides are the only ingredient that shows enough scientific support and evidence for being statistically significant.

Kaolin Clay: Kaolin absorbs impurities from the skin without drying out the surface. Kaolin clay has cleansing properties that can help remove dirt and impurities which helps to keep skin clear. It is gentle to use on your skin and cleans your skin without making it dry and dull.

Infuse a Detox into Your Routine

We suggest you use Mineral Mud Mask on a weekly basis in the evening. Start by Cleansing with Rejuvenating Cleanser for 60 seconds to remove the day’s make-up, dirt & oil. Once a week, or whenever your skin is feeling congested, apply the Mineral Mud Mask. Leave on for 5-15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water to detox your skin and absorb excess oil.

With your skin prepped and ready to absorb nourishment, spritz on Rejuvenating Toner and pat into skin to aid absorption. Then apply 1-2 drops of the Copper Peptide Serum to skin. Lock in hydration with antioxidant rich Restoring Cream to moisturize and protect without clogging pores.

PRO TIP: Apply a thin layer of the Luminous Glow Gelée Mask, wait 2 minutes, then apply an even layer of the Mineral Mud Mask. This double mask will resurface the skin while infusing it with layers of moisture to achieve glowing, plump skin.

Get Mud on Your Face

Say goodbye to clay masks that leave your skin feeling tight and dry and bring Mineral Mud Mask into your skincare routine. Give your skin a chance to detox then infuse it with hydration and copper peptides for clear and healthy skin.