Firm Up Your Fall (Skincare) Plans

Firm Up Your Fall (Skincare) Plans

We’re heading into the heart of fall when all the colors feel rich with expectation. It’s the perfect time to mix some metallics into your life, so let’s start with copper. 

This fall we’re releasing our Copper Peptide Serum, made to firm up and repair your skins appearance while helping to protect your glow from the dry air that fall brings. We want you to know all about Copper peptides because we feel that they are the single most important ingredient you can use to stimulate elastin and collagen production.

What are Copper peptides?

To get technical, a peptide is three or more amino acids that are linked together. Amino acids are the building blocks of every single cell in your body. You have probably seen them in relation to cutting edge health care.

Copper peptides are well known in the skincare world with, decades of data, as a skin restoring ingredient. These studies support Copper peptides as helping with skin improvements like skin firmness, smoothness, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by signaling your system to build collagen and elastin with improved antioxidant activity.

Why are there peptides in my skincare?

When used in skincare, peptides impact the cell structure in skin. There are great scientific studies that support the fact that copper peptides serve as an antioxidant, plus stimulate collagen and elastin production. They also help to remove damaged collagen and elastin from the skin. In addition, they can assist with acne by normalizing the bacterial concentration on the skin.

Copper peptides work topically, meaning they can go past the epidermis. Since they help to support building fibroblasts, which are connections in your skin, copper peptides are incredibly firming while also providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

Collagen and elastin are difficult to impact topically. Copper peptides are the only ingredient that shows enough scientific support and evidence for being statistically significant.

In The Thick of Fall

When we're talking about skin thickness, it relates to firmness and elasticity. This also means having strong fibroblast connection in your skin. Strong fibroblast connections are the result of having more living layers. The result here is that lifted appearance that we’re all working for.

It’s when we have an abundance of dead layers of skin that we look and feel tired and dull. These layers make your pores appear larger and wrinkles look deeper. We can do better! 

Thick skin is in.

With so much emphasis on revealing the living layers of your skin, you may wonder why thick skin is in. 

There's two different ways we think about skin thickness. First, we talk a ton about resurfacing where we're trying to get rid of all these extra layers. In this effort to have more luminous skin, we recommend corrective skincare options with AHAs or retinols.

When we exfoliate, we remove a layer of dead skin that shield your glow. Using something like Glycolic Skin Brightening Pads or a manual exfoliant in the shower make it easier for your serums and creams to soak into your skin.

Second, we talk about restoring skin. This is where Copper Peptide Serum falls. Pairing resurfacing products with a healing and restorative serum will amplify the benefits to your skin. We’re a huge fan of pairing the two together.

How do I use Copper Peptide Serum?

Copper Peptide Serum is versatile. It can be used both day and night, all year round. In terms of layers, it's the last layer in any serum regime. Remember: always layer your products from thin to thick. We suggest starting with Hyaluronic Acid Serum, then C+ Lemon Peel Serum to take on fine lines and wrinkles, then finish with Copper Peptide Serum before any lotions or creams.

If you are somebody who's dealing with extremely dry skin. This is the great serum to use as the final boost before you apply any thick or heavy cream in your wintertime routine.

How does Copper Peptide Serum fit into my skincare routine?

For a quick routine, we suggest a staring with a concentrated cleanser, then swipe on Glycolic Acid Skin Brightening Pads. Let it soak in for a minute then apply a thin layer of Hyaluronic Acid Serum with a top layer of Copper Peptide Serum.

This is an ideal level of hydration for most during the day, but if you’re dealing with dry air that can zap the moisture from your skin, finish with a heavier cream for overnight protection.

Pro tip: For a luxurious night treatment, slather on Deep Hydration Cream as a mask. Sleep with it on overnight, then wipe it off the next morning.

The Sia Botanics Difference

You may wonder what makes our serum different from any competitors on the market. First off, it takes an expert formulator to work with copper peptides, as they are difficult to work with.

Second, the percentages are critical. In this case, more is not better as too much will turn off the light, signaling neural transmitters that trigger elastin and collagen.  It is important to formulate with ingredients that play well enough together to allow penetration and optimize the efficacy.

When Copper peptides are applied topically, they have been shown to be significantly better than Vitamin C and retinoid acids at stimulating collagen, fibroblast and elastin production.

The Bottom Line

According to our founder, this product can be used by everyone both morning and evening. Here are Christina’s suggestions:

“Anyone can use it! Copper Peptide Serum is super gentle and can work as your moisturizer. The thicker consistency and impressive coverage can replace your lotion.

I really like Copper Peptide Serum in the summertime as an actual replacement for a lotion because in the humidity, and it gets hotter, we tend to not need as much heavy stuff on. It absorbs really well and is awesome day or evening in the wintertime.”

Soak in all Copper peptide’s metallic, youth-preserving benefits this fall and sparkle all through the holidays!