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This year has really been a time of transition and perseverance. For our part, we have made a big pivot and created Force Field skin care, thoughtfully made to maintain your protective barrier against germs. We’re introducing some new products for the first time and we’re so excited to provide these options to help take your self-care routine to an even cleaner standard. Each ingredient has been selected after their review in published studies showing lasting activity against microbes. Our proprietary formula for protection includes: Silver Ion Nano Particles which kills bacteria & stops virus replication while leaving healthy human cells alone. (made this #1) Oregano Oil, a natural antiviral that is effective against bacteria & viruses. (made this #2) Thieves Oil Blend which has been used for over 600 years, traditionally to ward off germs & viruses. The blend includes Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon and Eucalyptus. Peppermint & Lavender Oils which are known for their Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory properties as well as being calming & soothing. You have probably heard a lot about Essential Oils. They are a key part of our formulation process, as they allow us to use the life essence of many powerful natural ingredients. But, if you’re curious why we use them in our Sanitizer and Barrier products, here are just a few reasons:
  1. They effectively destroy several types of viruses, fungus and bacteria.
  2. They contain potent antimicrobial terpenes, aldehydes & phenols.
  3. They are formed from the actual immune system of plants that naturally fight off all forms of pathogens.
  4. They contain complex compounds that viruses cannot adapt to.
We have developed both Sanitizers and Barrier products to adjust to every lifestyle. Use our Sanitizers to kill on contact & our Barrier products for ongoing protection. If you’re wondering what the difference is in these two categories, we’re breaking it down for you!


None of us can go more than a few minutes without hearing that using hand sanitizer, a mask, and social distance is the best way to stave off the coronavirus. There are a lot of choices for hand sanitizers…when they are available. Figuring out the difference can be confusing, so we are highlighting some of these differences in the comparison below. Force Field Skin Care Benefits To serve your needs, we have developed a collection of sanitizers including hand sanitizers as well as an all-natural surface disinfectant. Rejuvenating Grape Hand sanitizer Made with Grapes & Immune-Boosting Essential Oils This luxurious formula is a youth restoring hand treatment and an effective hand sanitizer. In addition to being uniquely crafted by combining clean alcohol from grapes grown and distilled at a small Arizona winery, we add powerful natural ingredients, like: Hyaluronic Acid for smoothing, hydrating, supporting collagen production and improving the appearance of creppy skin Resveratrol for potent antioxidant activity to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Aloe vera, vitamin E, plant extracts and essential oils to keep skin nourished and moisturized Moisturizing Agave Hand sanitizer Made with vitamin E, & And Immune-Boosting Essential Oils This hand sanitizer combines 80% Ethyl Alcohol, moisturizing vitamin E and Aloe Vera with our proprietary Force Field ingredient blend. This hand sanitizer provides potent protection and hydration, all in one product. Multi-surface disinfectant Our potent and all-natural disinfectant contains 80% Ethyl Alcohol, so you can rely on for all your surfaces. Simply spray or wipe on surfaces like yoga mats or toys. There is no need to wipe off.


When you can wash your hands that is the best choice for protection. But, what if you could build an extra “force field” around your skin that is actually good for your skin? Our all-natural face and hand care is nourishing, moisturizing and protective. Every product has been designed to be applied and left on for protection that stays active for hours. Glow and Shield Face Mist Brighten and protect! We want you to put your best face forward when heading into public spaces with this protective, moisturizing and brightening face mist. Did you know that pathogens enter the body primarily through contact with the face? Glow and Shield Face Mist adds a little protection to your face while creating luminous, hydrated skin. We think you’ll love this treatment so much it will become your go to... even when you have nowhere to go. The mist utilizes Silver Ion Nano Particles and our proprietary essential oil blend to support your immune system’s natural defenses against viruses and germs. We also use hyaluronic acid to moisturize, support collagen growth and smooths your skin texture. We finish with Glycolic Acid’s recipe for revealing brighter, glowing skin for the win! Barrier Gel for Hands Moisturize and protect your hands with a lightweight nourishing gel that moisturizes and protects in two ways. Daily application will help to seal micro tears and crack in the skin where germs can lodge and become difficult to wash off. Our blend of Silver Citrate, Carvacarol, oregano, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lemon support your immune system’s natural barrier against viruses and germs and stay active on the skin for hours. This combo creates an additional layer of protection. Barrier Gel for Hands has been designed to be applied after washing hands to seal them, but it can also be applied any time before entering public spaces. It works best when hands are thoroughly dry before applying. Barrier Spritz for Hands + Surfaces Let’s face it, we touch a lot of surfaces every day. To support and protect, we created a use anywhere and everywhere spritz. It is an extra barrier for your clothes, hair, yoga mat, doorknobs, light switches, pillows or anywhere you want to add an additional layer of protection. Our Barrier Spritz is an alcohol-free alternative that is safe for hair and clothing. A blend of Silver Citrate, Cavacarol, Oregano, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lemon combine to help support the immune system’s natural barrier against viruses and germs. Force Field moisturizing skincare supports your immune system’s natural barrier against viruses and germs. Force Field products are designed to enhance, not replace hand washing, social distancing or any other measure recommended by the CDC or your local authorities. We want you to be safe and follow all recommendations. We’re all in this together! As we make our way back into “normal” life, let’s protect ourselves and support each other by being respectful and doing all we can to be good neighbors.