summer skincare

Golden Rules for Summer Skincare

60% of the visible signs of aging are caused by sun. Now that we have your attention, let's talk about summer skincare and the best ways to protect yourself from those negative rays.

We definitely are not saying that the sun is inherently bad. The sun is responsible for bringing us beautiful blooms. And, it challenges plants in the desert to become efficient at storing moisture and nutrients so we may harvest them to make plant rich and nutrient dense skincare.

Location Matters

Everybody is going to get a little bit of sun. A little bit of sun is not bad but a little bit of sun in Arizona is not the same thing as a little bit of sun in Washington. You can get the same amount of Arizona sun exposure in 15 minutes as it would take six hours to get there. Environment plays such a massive factor in summer skincare. When you have a good understanding of how your skin reacts to your environment, it will be easier to protect it.

Natural Protection

Each of us has a different ability to combat the sun's rays, naturally, with the pigment in our skin. Melanin, for example, provides a ton of protection. Skin with melanin will show less overall signs of aging from most environmental factors, but not the sun. The healthiest thing, by far, is avoidance. Go ahead and stand in the shade instead of standing in the sun. Wear breathable long sleeves when gardening or on a hike. Wear a hat and other protective clothing.

Wear Your Sunscreen

Toxic sunscreens are not healthy. Several ingredients that the FDA has approved for sun protection are really not good for you. They can inflict a huge chemical load to your skin, forcing you to weigh that with sun damage. There are studies that show links between those ingredients and other types of internal cancers in the body, and which tend to be more dangerous than skin cancer. They are certainly more dangerous than wrinkles. A better line of defense is a clean non nano purified zinc and titanium dioxide sunscreen.

Bottom line: Excess sun exposure is not healthy. Over exposure creates free radical damage which causes harm at a cellular level.

Invest In Aging Beautifully

If you are serious about aging beautifully summer presents challenges. A skincare routine with refinishing products make your skin more sensitive to the sun. You have actively sloughed away dead layers which are actually protective against the sun. When you expose that new skin to the sun, it will amplify the damage. If you're expecting more sun exposure in summertime, you want to cut back or completely eliminate your retinol and AHA use or commit to be really meticulous about when you're using them. Our advice would be to stop using them at least three days prior to your beach vacation. Otherwise, you will really ending up doing damage.

Repair and Calm

Summer is a great time to add restoring and calming serums into your routine. Our NEW Turmeric and Niacinamide Serum helps to calm redness and inflammation. it's a great way to combat the sun's impact on the skin. It will also keep your skin super healthy and protected. Of course, we also recommend using a moisturizer with mineral sunscreen like our Tinted Daily Moisturizer or Prickly Pear Daily Moisturizer.

Stop Summer Break Outs

One other thing happens in the summer. It may feel like some of your products aren't working as well. Or, you may feel like your skin is breaking out all of a sudden. You may wonder if you products are actually making you break out. The more likely culprit is the changing weather. When we get warmer and deal with more humidity, products absorb differently into the skin. They can sit heavier which can trap sweat underneath.

Something gentle like the Glycolic Skin Brightening pads a couple times a week, which are only a 3% glycolic, will help. They will gently remove excess dead cells to help your skin breathe easier. Another trick is switching from a heavier cream to a light daily moisturizer or even a serum as your final layer.

Christina's Routine

In the wintertime I will layer, Hyaluronic Acid Serum and then Vitamin C Serum, and then apply a heavy cream.

In the summertime, I will use Hyaluronic Acid Serum in the morning and Vitamin C Serum at night. That keeps me from breaking out and keeps my skin balanced. I do worry about cellular buildup, so I use Glycolic Brightening Pads twice a week.

Golden Rule

Be realistic about your relationship with the sun. Whether it's a financial investment in good products, the pride in aging beautifully, or family history with cancer, we hope you take care of yourself. Most dermatologists will tell you that the majority of visible signs of aging are created by the sun. Avoiding the sun is the single most important thing you can do to age beautifully. If you want to prevent or counteract skincare issues like sagging, pigmentation, blotchy skin, elasticity the wrinkles and fine lines, limit your time in the sun!