Head to Toe Cleansing Ritual

Head-to-Toe Cleansing Ritual

Happy New Year! We have so much to look forward to in 2021. This is a brilliant time to set intentions and release the things that didn't work in 2020. We invite you to take a few hours to think about what you've learned and what you want to carry forward, no matter how difficult it was. We are sharing the ultimate head-to-toe cleansing ritual to help you move forward with clarity of heart, mind, and skin! This is no ordinary ritual. In addition to taking care of your external health & beauty, this all-over cleanse allows you to take inventory of what really needs your attention. Since it will take some time, we suggest you spend this time with a partner or friend who share your self-care mindset. Or, treat it as a rare opportunity to reclaim some time for self-reflection.

Growing From Your Roots

Let’s start at the top. When is the last time you treated your hair to some extra attention? Strengthen your hair as we seal all the split ends with items you probably have in your home. Start by simply wetting your hair down. Next, run some natural oils through the strands. You can use almost any natural oil. Coconut oil is great, olive oil will also work wonders. This will work much better if they heat the oil first. For best results, heat your chosen oil on the stove or microwave until warm, but not too hot to handle as you apply. The oil does not need to go all the way to your scalp. You want to start about 3 inches from the scalp when hair is wet and just let it run all the way through your hair. It’s important to have a little bit of heat to activate and your heads own heat will do that. Wrap it up in plastic wrap or shower cap. If you want to earn that gold star, add a hot towel over the head wrap to produce even more heat and deeper penetration. Keep it up for as long as you would like. Pro Tip: To create the perfect hot towel, wet a towel and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Check temp before wrapping your hair.

Hand Treatment

Now that you have extra oil on your hands that you've been working with, take the opportunity to massage it into your nails and the area around your nails. This is one of the things we all forget to do. You don't have to buy and use a cuticle oil! Treat your delicate hands with the same care your face regularly enjoys. If you have them in your vanity, use our Blueberry Scrub, or Desert Aloe and Jojoba scrub your hands. Then finish with a generous dose of Rose Glow luxe hand cream or your favorite thick face cream. To let your cream penetrate, you can cover hands in a plastic wrap or simply cover with a warm towel for about 10 minutes. Paying attention to your cuticles will reduce annoying hang nails, dead skin, and other issues that pop up, especially in Arizona’s climate. With consistency, you’ll get the benefit of strengthening while getting rid of ridges on your nails.


We have done such great work, but we haven’t even touched your face! While we move through your facial, take the time to think about what you really need at this time of year. A lot of us are going through a sugar detox from the holiday fun, so skin tends to be a little more blemish prone and maybe excessively dry or oily. For our cleanse, simply add a couple steps to your normal skin care routine with products you already have. When it comes to masking, it does not matter if you do a manual scrub or an enzyme mask for exfoliation. We do suggest that you take the time to do both. Apply the Blueberry Scrub first, then apply something like our Pumpkin Enzyme mask. After masking, apply a generous layer of one of your favorite serums and let it soak in. Cover your face with a wet hot towel for deeper penetration. Then use a great face cream for your last layer before you reach for your natural body cream.

Slather on Body Cream

A lot of us skimp when it comes to body care. Some don’t feel like body care as important as our face. Some go light on body cream because they need to get dressed quickly or simply don’t have the time for another step. Take the extra time for yourself. Indulge in a natural body cream with hyaluronic acid to maintain volume. You will be amazed how different it feels when you are completely moisturized.

Steam Shower

So, you have healthy oil in your hair & nails, you’ve masked & moisturized your face, your hands and body have been mega-moisturized. It’s time to hit the shower! Before you hop in, let the water get hot and steamy. Stand in or close to the steam to give everything a last moment to penetrate further. If you stand in the shower wait for 5 minutes to absorb the steam.

Rinse, Reflect, and Robe

When you step into the shower the only thing you should do is shampoo the oil off your hair and then add a bit of conditioner back in. No need to rinse your conditioner completely out, just a light rinse. You will still have some product on you, so don’t scrub it off in the shower. Go with it and let all that good stuff soak in. Just like the negative vibes of 2020, let the water roll off you. Lightly pat yourself down, put on your best fluffy robe or cozy pajamas and let yourself enjoy this feeling. How will you achieve this feeling throughout the year? What else can make you feel this good?

Bonus Step

You can’t walk into your 2021 intentions without taking care of your feet. For extra credit, slather on a thick cream to your feet, paying attention to which pressure points give you relief. Wrap your feet with plastic wrap or a sandwich bag then put a pair of socks over it. Sleep with your feet covered. You’ll wake up super soft and hydrated. Happy New Year! By taking a couple hours on a weekend or on an evening for yourself, you can create your own ritual to revisit every month. Identify and manifest the intentions that create your best year.