Multi-task with Daily Cleansing Pads

Multi-task with Daily Cleansing Pads

Are you looking for some balance in your life? As we all feel those “back to school” vibes and all the changes to our schedules, we thought this would be a great time to offer up a quick skincare solution that helps maintain clarity. Let’s talk about Tea Tree Daily Cleansing Pads!

Multi-task for the win!

The daily use pads were created to easily cleanse, balance, and clear skin with a few swipes. They quickly remove oil, dirt and makeup while infusing the skin with Tea Tree oil, desert botanicals, and natural AHAs to help keep skin radiant without over drying.

Tea Tree Daily Cleansing Pads are made for all skin types. They are especially great for oily, blemish prone skin because they help balance without drying. When we say “balance” we’re talking about the balancing of bacteria and oil production on the skin. This balance helps to prevent breakouts.

The Key Ingredients

You may be wondering how a simple cleansing pad can deliver so much value. Our plant rich and nutrient dense ingredients do a lot of the work.We have combined White Sage, Tea Tree, Willow Bark, and natural Fruit AHA’s to help prevent micro-organisms from becoming trapped under dead skin cells as they increase your skin's cellular turnover rate.

Tea Tree Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory effect, It helps to soothe irritated and blemish prone skin. It may also help to reduce redness and swelling. Research supports that tree oil reduces inflammation in sensitive skin.

White Sage is a soothing, gentle, rare, and potent varietal of sage. It helps to minimize oiliness and clear troubled skin quickly and effectively. Combined with Tea tree and Black Willow bark it helps to restore skin to a clear and healthy state of smooth flawless beauty.

A Daily Dose of Clarity

Tea Tree Daily Cleansing Pads easily fit into your skincare routine. To use them, gently wipe a pad outward towards hairline and remember to keep out of eye area. Use as often as needed.

Here is a PM routine for you to try out: 

  1. Cleanse with Clarifying Cleanser for 60 seconds to remove the day’s make-up, dirt & oil then wipe a Tea Tree Daily Cleansing Pads on clean skin to remove any excess oil.
  2. Starting once a week and building up to daily use, apply 1-2 drops of the Retinol Serum 1% onto completely dry skin. Retinol can be drying so it’s important to keep your skin hydrated at night, so it doesn’t overproduce oil in the morning.
  3. Finish with Rescue Cream to lock in moisture for a hydrating, but breathable night cream!

Bonus: Once a week, or whenever skin is feeling congested, apply the Mineral Mud Mask after cleansing and before the rest of your routine. Leave on for 5-15 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water to detox your skin and absorb excess oil.

Breathe Easy

Go ahead and lean into clarity this season. With these skincare tips, we hope that your wellness (and skin) achieves the balance you’ve been looking for!