New Concentrated Cleansers

NEW! Concentrated Cleansers in Eco-tubes

We are upgrading the packaging of our concentrated botanical cleansers! The look and the names may have changed, but you can still count on the same great formula to serve as the first step of your natural + effective skin care routine.

What is changing?

First off, we’re transitioning to eco-tubes made from sustainable farmed sugar cane. They are also BPA free. This change to an eco-positive package is part of our continual effort to make the most conscious choices possible. It is also in response to many of your requests to make our concentrated cleansers more travel and shower friendly. When we’re back to flying around, you’ll cruise right through security with the new eco-tubes! You will see a change in the names of our cleansers as well as how the labels look and read. We know that you are looking for more information, so we have happily obliged. Are you looking to clarify, brighten, hydrate, or rejuvenate? We have you covered. The new labels provide more information on what each cleanser does and describes how best to use it. The updated product names will also be a touchstone to help you choose the right cleanser for your unique skincare needs.

What is staying the same?

Our tried-and-true formulas are not changing at all. If you’ve been considering a change to your current cleanser or are curious about the new look, take a minute to reconnect with our concentrated cleansers: White Sage + Charcoal: Clarifying Cleanser made to balance + refine A clean unisex fragrance with invigorating tea tree and white sage 100% essential oils Desert Aloe + Jojoba: Hydrating Cream Cleanser to hydrate severely dry skin A fragrance free cream cleanser for sensitive skin types Prickly Pear Cactus: Rejuvenating Cleanser to gently nourish skin Vibrant notes of cactus flowers and fruits, slightly herbaceous and slightly sweet aroma Vitamin C + Lemon Peel: Brightening Cleanser for Sun + Age Spots while evening skin tone Bright pure notes of lemon and verbena with 100% natural essential oil

How much should I use?

The formulas have always been super concentrated and that has not changed.  When we say concentrated cleansers, we’re indicating that we don’t add any water to our formulas. Why waste the space on an ingredient that doesn’t add value or serve a purpose? We include the word “concentrated” as a reminder that a little goes a long way. To use: Squeeze a pea size amount into hand, add water to spread the cleanser, rub hands together, apply to damp face and gently massage in and rinse off. Remember, you only need to use a pea sized amount! If you have yet to try our concentrated cleansers, now is a perfect time to mix up your routine and make a more conscious choice. When it comes to our concentrated cleansers, you can’t go wrong!