Force Field Skin Care

Protect Your Glow!

Glow + Shield Face Mist

If you’re anything like us, you have developed all kinds of new personal care rituals for facing the world. The Force Field Skincare line was developed in direct response to the new normal we’re living in. However, that does not mean we will stop protecting your radiant glow! Contact with our faces is the most common opportunity for pathogens to enter the body. After launching with natural hand sanitizer, barrier gel, and barrier spritz, we knew that more attention needed to be focused on the more delicate skin. So, we formulated something specifically for the face. Glow + Shield Face Mist is the latest addition to the Force Field Skincare line up. This multi-purpose face mist offers additional protection to your face while creating luminous, hydrated skin.


For protection, Silver Ions lead the way. We use the highest level approved in the US, UK and Japan for skincare use. The mist provides ongoing barrier activity against virus and bacteria for up to 8 hours. It has been shown to bind to virus DNA, stopping replication, which creates rapid cell death of unhealthy cells. In addition, we use our proprietary Thieves Oil essential oil blend found in all Force Field products. By using the refreshing Glow + Shield Face Mist throughout the day, an active layer of protection, or force field, is created to repel viruses and bacteria. For an added bonus, Silver Ions are completely antibacterial. By working to fight breakouts, Silver Ions help you get clear skin! To maintain the glow of hydrated skin, we infuse hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and essential oils. The hyaluronic acid delivers strong antioxidants for hydrated skin as it naturally draws in moisture from the environment. Simultaneously, orange blossom essential oil soothes and calms skin.


Glow + Shield Face Mist fits into any lifestyle. Use is as the “toner step” of your skincare routine. Take it with you wherever you go for all-day protection. It is a great first layer of protection before you mask up in any public setting. Since it comes in a portable 2oz bottle, it’s airport ready…for whenever we start traveling again! Like all things these days, keep your mist at arm’s length. The spritz is on the strong side and you want to cover a larger area to establish your protective force field. We suggest spraying the mist in front of you and walking through the refreshing cloud. Pro tip: this mist works well under or over makeup. Go ahead and put your best face forward when heading into public spaces with this protective, moisturizing and brightening face mist. You’ll love this treatment so much it will become your go to...even when you have nowhere to go.