Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Routine

Spring Cleaning Your Skincare Routine

Spring is the epitome of layering season. With all the changes in temperature and weather that can happen in just one day, we have learned to plan for different occasions. The same effort and planning should go into your skincare routine. We’re here to guide you through the benefits of layering and exfoliation as we introduce the newest exfoliation star, Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment.

Reveal your Best Skin

Spring cleaning gives us the chance to let go of the excess stuff that no longer serves us. Why not apply the same principle to the excess dead skin cells you have been carrying around? Over time, your skin slows and stops exfoliating itself. This means we need to literally take the care of our radiant glow into our own hands.

Exfoliation allows for dead skin cells to be removed from the face. This helps to reveal the more luminous and healthy-looking skin we’re all looking for. Exfoliation also provides a direct path to deeper layers which allows better penetration of your favorite serums and moisturizers after the fact.

Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment

If you have been searching for a dual action exfoliant that can be as gentle or intense as you need, we are thrilled to introduce you to  Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment.

For an at-home microdermabrasion effect, tiny crystals provide an opportunity for manual exfoliation. This disruption sloughs off dead skin cells and helps to promote collagen production.  

The retexturizing continues with the help of pineapple and prickly pear enzymes. This type of exfoliation breaks down the bonds that hold skin cells together. When these bonds are loosened, it’s easier to buff them away.

Can I use this if I have dry skin?

When it comes to exfoliating, some concerns pop up, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. If you have these concerns, we first recommend that you become in tune with your skin and what it needs.

The good news is that this treatment is safe for you! Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment  can be as coarse or as light as you want it depending on pressure and how many passes you choose.

Sometimes dry skin is caused by a lack of exfoliation. Getting past that top layer of dull skin will help hydrate your skin. Exfoliation is great for people who have dry (or oily) skin because getting rid of those dead skin cells that sit on top of your skin will allow your skin to heal and be treated with better penetration of your actives and moisturizers to achieve the goals that these products promise.

Where does a treatment like this fit in my skincare routine?

Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment  is a specialized treatment that should only be a part of a skincare routine once a week, or twice a month. We recommend using the treatment at night, after cleansing your face.

Start with a clean face and apply a pea-sized amount to wet skin. Massage in a gentle, circular motion over your entire face, avoiding eyes. For a light treatment, rinse off after the first pass. For a heavier treatment, re-wet your hands and do an additional pass to reactivate the enzymes and create more buffing with the crystals, then rinse.

Pro Tip: Apply   Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment    to dry skin if you want a coarse treatment.

Upgrade Your Routine

As mentioned, we recommend  Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment  for at night routine only because the strong exfoliants will cause your skin to be a bit more photo sensitive to UV rays, which can cause sunburn. Always wear an SPF in the day while using this product.

Start with your favorite cleanser, like Rejuvenating Cleanser concentrate. Next, put on a pea sized amount of  Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment. Try starting a course massage on mostly dry skin. Then do one pass and rinse. Replenish with Rejuvenating Face Mist’s antioxidants then give your newly smooth skin a big dose of hydration by layering Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Turmeric and Vitamin B3 Serum. These serums both promote hydrating and soothing. Lock in all that moisture by finishing with a nourishing cream like Rescue Cream or Restoring Cream to extend the effects of all those exfoliating benefits.

Protect Your Glow

Protecting yourself from the sun is the #1 thing you can do to prevent premature aging. You want your mineral sunscreen to be your outward facing layer, meaning you want it to be the first thing the sun hits. We want the sun’s free radical damage to be neutralized before it can penetrate through to the skin. You can apply a moisturizer or oil and finish with another sunscreen, or you can choose a moisturizer with SPF in it. Either way, your last layer during the day should ALWAYS be sunscreen.

We highly recommend an SPF or environmental protective defense product like Tinted Daily Moisturizer or Prickly Pear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 to help to protect your skin as it will be more photosensitive and more susceptible to being sunburned.

With the investment you are making with your new routine, take care to protect it. The powerful enzymes in your  Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment  should not be combined with other strong actives like Glycolic Acid or Retinol.

You can use  Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment  year-round. We highly recommend using sunscreen year-round as well.

The Next Sia Superstar

We know you will love the results you get from adding  Skin Refinishing and Retexturizing Treatment  to your skincare routine. Enjoy some at-home microdermabrasion featuring the dual action of crystals and enzymes in your customized exfoliation treatment, then soak in all the compliments.