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The Easy Button for Bright Skin - Glycolic Skin Brightening Pads

What if you could have dramatically brighter skin without downtime or other negative side effects? Oh, and what if you could reveal brighter skin without investing your precious time and money on a heavy-duty chemical peel? Meet our newest addition to the Black Label Collection, GLYCOLIC SKIN BRIGHTENING PADS! This game-changer is the answer to all of your skin care prayers. Whether you’re looking to treat breakouts, even out your skin tone, or address fine lines & wrinkles, these treatment pads will serve you well. Everyone wants a brighter complexion, but you may be wondering what that really means. Bright skin is the result of cellular turnover. Since cellular turnover slows with age, we all need a little boost to keep our youthful glow. The brightening pads provide gentle exfoliation to the top layers of skin which helps to reveal those fresh living layers.

The Benefits

When more layers of dead skin are peeled away, the benefits start adding up:
  • If your skin is acne-prone you may not realize that breakouts occur because of slower cellular turnover. The cause of most adult breakouts is bacteria being trapped under dead skin cells. When more layers are out of the way, bacteria won’t be trapped, and skin becomes clear.
  • Are you looking to reduce fine lines & wrinkles and address pore size? Your skin will smooth out and look tighter because the depth of any skin texture is impacted by the number of dead layers accumulated. Fewer layers equates to smoother skin!

The Science of Glycolic Acid

It takes something strong to do so much good. Glycolic acid is equipped to carry the load. Do you know that glycolic acid is the Queen of all alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs? Glycolic acid’s small molecules allow for the deepest penetration. By gently breaking the bonds that hold old dead skin cells together, glycolic acid can impact more layers of your complexion. This means your nourishing serum and hydrating moisturizer will perform to the best of their abilities. As if glycolic acid wasn’t enough, we’ve created a formula using other plant-based ingredients to assure that your skin type is addressed. Organic bilberry helps to provide nutrients and hydration, along with added exfoliation. Organic sugar cane is the natural source of glycolic that also aids with absorption. Since different skin responds differently to different ingredients, we create synergy with the other AHA’s by using a small dose of each in our formula. The skin brightening pads are easy to use and you really can’t mess it up. They are formulated to be gentle and work with any skin type. Your skin can not over absorb the active ingredients. If you are new to AHA’s, we do recommend that you gradually build up to using the pads every day. Start with once every other day and pay attention to how your skin reacts.

Consistency is Key

When you use the pads as directed, you’ll get the same results as if you got an aggressive chemical peel. Your 2-month supply is a fraction of the cost of a spa treatment. And, there is no down time! You will notice a difference in the first week of use. When used regularly, the Glycolic Skin Brightening Pads will produce dramatic results in 2-3 weeks. To use, swipe on to clean skin and leave on. Do not rinse. Finish your routine with a serum and moisturizer. Remember - fresh skin is more sensitive! You know that natural SPF protection is important to protect your skin every day, but even more so when you’re utilizing the power of glycolic acid. Since winter is the season where sun exposure is limited, it’s a perfect time to try out the Glycolic Skin Brightening Pads.