Are you always surprised when changes in the season create changes in your skin? We want to prevent any unnecessary drama that the colder weather can bring. Now is the time to consider starting to use more actives and combine them with extra hydrating products. Let’s take your skincare routine to the next level!

During the summertime, we deal with all the humidity. To keep skin optimized in the heat, we use clarifying products to maintain balance. For fall and winter, it’s a great choice to lean into slightly gentler products and hydrating ingredients.

Let’s break it down! There are easy changes you can make to each step of your skincare routine. We’ll take it one step at a time.


Since we are encouraging the use of more actives and because the weather is starting to get colder and dryer, we suggest you switch to a cleanser that delivers hydration while being gentle to skin. If you are using Clarifying Cleanser, a great switch would be to Rejuvenating Cleanser.

Rejuvenating Cleanser is a great all-around cleanser. This allows you to easily use it during any season. If you are finding your skin getting dryer, consider Hydrating Cream Cleanser to limit the amount of moisture lost or stripped away in the cleansing process.


Focus on the same concept for your toning step. Our suggestion is to transition from the Clarifying Toner to a more hydrating option.

Rejuvenating Face Mist is an antioxidant-rich toner that helps balance moisture, calms reactivity and red tones. Every drop of the nutrient is alive with vibrant notes of cactus flowers and fruits that provide a slightly herbaceous, slightly sweet natural aroma.

Masks, Scrubs & Serums

If you’re ready to kick things into high gear, this is the place to get serious. Most of us are spending much more time inside during fall and winter. Unfortunately, this air tends to be much colder and drier. Take advantage of the sweater weather and take time for extra treatments.

Think about exfoliating more. In this phase, we’re working on maintaining your glow. We suggest swapping out your Brightening Serum and replace it with Glycolic Skin Brightening Pads. It is also a bright idea to use more radiance-boosting masks and serums.

The winter is an excellent time to start using Retinol Serum since it is easier to avoid the sun. With Retinol in your routine, you will need more hydration. Even if you’re not using Retinol, it just makes sense to be using thicker moisturizers in the winter to stay hydrated and add a barrier to harsh elements.

If you’re someone who is always looking to soak in all the best ingredients in a more gentle form while still getting plenty of actives, Life Force Serum is perfect for you! This serum includes all the goodness in lower concentrations of Retinol (vitamin A), Niacinamide (vitamin B), and Vitamin C than their standalone serums.


Hydrated skin is always the goal for a youthful glow. An extra level of moisture is so important in the months where the weather gets colder and dryer. Since we are using more actives, it’s smart to turn to a richer moisturizer, like Restoring Cream or Rescue Cream. They help balance out any dryness that the actives can cause.

Please remember that spending more time indoors does NOT mean you can slack on sun protection. Using actives in fall and winter will make your skin more photosensitive, so stay protected and out of the sun to get the best results. Apply a mineral sunscreen, like our Tinted Moisturizer, Every. Single. Day! 

Overall, the keys to fall and winter skincare are hydration and protection. This is the season we move from anything that resurfaces skin to products that protect and heal damage from the summer. Going through these transitions will help make your skin more resilient and beautiful!