Welcome to the Sia Sisterhood!

Welcome to the Sia Sisterhood!

January is all about new beginnings. It’s a great time to take stock of all aspects of your life and consider where there are opportunities for small changes. Is there a way to improve, even by 1%, when you look at how you maintain wellness and health, your organization skills, and which communities and businesses support your best life?

How about what you put on your skin? Since winter brings massive changes to the air, take the opportunity to think about an upgrade to your skincare routine. Sia Botanics uses only plant rich and nutrient dense ingredients made from the most potent plants on earth. If you have already been using Sia Botanics products without knowing about the Sia Sisterhood, we encourage you to learn more about the thriving community.

People come first.

At the core of Sia Botanics is the concept of “Real people. Real products. Real results.”. People are intentionally listed first because they are the heart and soul of Sia Botanics’ unique community that has grown together in celebration of ageless beauty.

Sia Botanics offers a vibrant place for those who seek to inspire, support, and uplift each other. The team at Sia Botanics invites everyone to step into their world; where women are beautiful and kind, intelligent and sexy, imperfectly perfect just the way they are. The invitation encourages interested people to come as they are. 

The Sia Sisterhood

Sia Botanics founder, Christina Mahar, believes the goddesses among us are the women who have honed their beauty and wisdom in the fires of a long life well lived, as well as the women just beginning to explore who they are and who they might become. She adds, “The Sia Sisterhood holds space for the most beautiful women in the world; the women who spread joy by uplifting, supporting, and inspiring themselves and others. You are one of us.”

The purpose of the women owned and run company is to create joy through the mission of making exceptional skincare products. Sia Botanics celebrates all skin types and work tirelessly to shine a light on the radiant glow of ageless beauties in every stage of life.

Visibly effective skincare from Earth’s most potent plants

There is a reason for the earned loyalty that Sia Botanics enjoys. Their effective and healthy skincare is grounded by a core of science-studied ingredients combined with potent plant rich superstars to create transformative skincare. The easy-to-use nutrient dense formulas deliver amazing results and naturally smell wonderful. 

Sia Botanics trusts a group of “Superstar” ingredients to deliver concentrated doses of antioxidants and plant rich nutrients intended to rejuvenate, brighten, clarify, and hydrate skin. These superstars include Prickly Pear Cactus, Lemon Peel, White Sage, Desert Aloe and Jojoba.

All plant ingredients are NOT created equally.

Known for producing the most resilient plant life on Earth, the Sonoran Desert serves as the inspiration for the desert derived collection of natural and effective skincare. Plants that have evolved to thrive in an environment full of extreme temperatures have done so by concentrating their nutrients. Just one ounce of desert-derived aloe harvested from a tiny plant grown in the desert has 100x more nutrients than a huge plant grown in more hospitable places.

“I have a profound respect for nature because there really is no science outside of nature. Science is a language that helps us communicate what nature does. When most say they “discovered” something, I say we simply revealed what nature was already doing.”
- Christina Mahar, Founder

The Sia Sisterhood is definitely worth celebrating. Wherever this year takes you, be sure to move though it intentionally and surround yourself only with the people, places, and things that make your life beautiful.