Christina's Winter Skincare Tips

Christina's Winter Skincare Tips

Have you ever wondered if you should approach your winter skin care routine differently than what you do in the summer? The answer is most definitely, YES! During the winter months, the air gets really dry and significantly less humid. For this reason, a lot of us will see a variety of different things happening with our skin. With issues like dry patches, “lizard skin”, and flakiness, now is the time to act. This winter concentrate on hydrating, moisturizing, and investing in the future of your face. Let’s focus on the two biggest things that impact winter skincare. First, we will investigate how we can get our skin super hydrated for a healthy glow. Second, we will learn the different approach we can use in winter that can’t be done in the summer.  Along the way, we will also share the products that our founder, Christina, uses in her winter skincare routine.

A Healthy Winter Glow

Dry skin is no joke. When your skin is dry you will probably experience flakiness.  Dry skin will also make your complexion look dull and can make your pores look larger because your skin is not able to retain a lot of moisture. Dryness can also cause your skin to overproduce oil, which in turn, can stimulate acne. In the winter, hydration must be a priority. But you can't get proper hydration to the living layers of your skin if you don't get rid of the dry and dead skin that sits on top of it. You can apply a really great moisturizer, but if you have a bunch of thick layers of dead skin blocking your living layers, your cream will not penetrate and perform.

Exfoliate First

We recommend doubling down with your exfoliation in winter. First, break through dull layers with a natural chemical or enzyme exfoliant, using proven natural AHAs and Glycolics. We use a natural Glycolic Acid made from sugarcane in our Glycolic Skin Brightening pads. To amplify results, follow up with a manual exfoliant which are often used in the shower. With this step you are making sure that those top layers are gently sloughed away. You will enjoy other benefits like reducing the depth of wrinkles and size of pores. A manual exfoliant like our Blueberry Scrub, boosted with antioxidants, is a great option.

Let the Moisture In

Now that you have a winter exfoliating routine, consider making the moisturizer switch. If you typically use a lightweight moisturizer and you're noticing dry skin, it is time to switch to a thicker cream in the wintertime. You will also see increased benefits when you layer with a beautiful serum, which should be applied before your moisturizer. Pro tip: Slather it on! Put on a thick layer of moisturizer and see how much your skin absorbs. When we’re in the fight with winter’s dry air, don’t hold back. Your skin will drink in every last bit of moisture.  Your skin will take what it needs. If there is anything remaining after an hour, gently pat it off – that’s how you know you really gave your skin all the moisture it needed! From morning through night, keep some level of moisture on the skin to look fabulous. Wearing a moisturizer on your face is critical in the winter because in addition to hydrating your skin, it is protecting your skin from the dryness of the air actually pulling the moisture out of your skin.

6-Weeks to Glow

Put aside some time for a corrective skincare session. We can take a ton of impactful steps in the winter that we don't want to do in the summer; or any time you have excess exposure to the sun. Since none of us are heading off for a cruise any time soon, taking 6 weeks this winter can be the refresh your skin has been asking for. For six weeks, while protecting your skin from the sun, you can get really dramatic results in lightening blotchy skin and pigmentation issues, reducing the thickness and definition of fine lines and wrinkles, and even provide a little bit of stimulation for your skin to build collagen. Oh, and your pores will appear so much tighter.

Serving up Synergy

The sum of all parts is always more powerful than individual pieces. There is synergy in finding a set of ingredients that build on each other. It's all about optimizing impact. The ingredients and products you choose will optimize your corrective skincare routine.

What our founder, Christina, uses in the winter:

“I'll use Retinol Serum every night and use Glycolic Brightening Pads every day.  I’ll also mix in Pumpkin Enzyme Mask every few days, layer on Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C  Brightening serum and finish with Desert Aloe and Jojoba Cream. And, I’ll always wear my mineral sunscreen as my outer layer and I keep my face out of the sun in every season”

Sun Sensitivity

In the winter, it’s OK to get more assertive with your skin care routine. However, you need to remember that most effective corrective skincare treatments are going to remove a lot of old layers of skin. This makes you more sensitive to the sun. Protect your face and the results you’re investing in. If you expose your face to the sun while you are using corrective treatments, the pigmentation will come right back. And, since your skin is extra sensitive, the free radical damage down the road can be dramatic. It cannot be overstated that the number one thing that you can do to prevent wrinkling in your face is not have it exposed to the sun.

Winter Elements

Remember that the snow is super reflective. People get burnt all the time while going out to participate in winter sports and other activities. Finish off every skin care routine with a moisturizer and sunscreen. You can use a daily moisturizer with mineral sunscreen of even a tinted moisturizer with SPF for a more polished look. As a fortified layer of protection from wind and cold temps in the winter, consider using a thicker moisturizer like our Deep Hydration Night Cream. Make it thick. In the morning apply to your face, let it soak in, then finish with sunscreen. Even when you are out of the elements, the air in your house is now dry. Remember that when you're sleeping, if you're not actively hydrating, you're actively dehydrating. Stay moisturized 24 hours a day and remember that any hour your skin is not protected with a moisturizer is an hour that moisture is aggressively being pulled out of your skin.