PROFESSIONAL: Copper Peptide Serum - 4 oz

PROFESSIONAL: Copper Peptide Serum - 4 oz

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Key Ingredients: GHK-Cu (Copper Peptide)
Benefits: smoothes, retexturizes, helps prevent collagen loss, helps thicken skin, speeds repair
Conditions: long term aging prevention, skin thickness, skin texture
Layer: 2nd or 3rd
Usage: daily and/or nightly
Additional Info:
The fairly new ingredient in skincare but serious research behind it.
Retexturizes skin in a completely different way than AHA’s and other resurfacing ingredients.
Studies show 70% of people using a copper peptide serum showed improvement in collagen production. This is higher than seen with Vit C or Retinoids.
A series of placebo-controlled studies found GHK-Cu skin creams to:
1. Tighten loose skin and improve elasticity
2. Improve skin density and firmness
3. Strongly increase outer layer cell proliferation in women of 50-year-old range
Optimal use of this product is paired with a resurfacing serum or regular peels. Studies show a significant increase in cell repair with GHK-Cu
Critical it be formulated correctly as too high a percentage is damaging to the skin and the wrong base ingredients as copper should not enter the bloodstream.

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