PROFESSIONAL: Retinol Serum - 4 oz

PROFESSIONAL: Retinol Serum - 4 oz

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Key Ingredients: 2% Retinol
Benefits: Long-term improvement of skin elasticity, inhibits the production of fine lines and wrinkles, and smoothes texture. Best preventative serum.
Conditions: Inhibiting signs of aging, dramatically improves texture, fine lines, and wrinkles with regular use, over time.
Layer: 1st
Usage: Nightly. If sensitivity develops can be used 3 times a week until worked up to 7. Want to use it to inhibit the signs of aging before they occur.
Additional Info:
Retinol is the precursor to Retin-A (The most prescribed anti-aging drug on the market)
Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A
Retinol takes a few weeks longer for your body to convert it to its useable form but it works as well as Retin-A without the harsh side effects and does not require a prescription. Dermatologists consider this THE foundational anti-aging ingredient because there is more positive research on it than any other ingredient.
Cannot be used at the same time as sunscreen. It negatively impacts the efficacy of sunscreen.
Makes skin more sensitive to the sun so must use sunscreen in the morning.
The molecular structure that goes all the way through the upper layers of the skin to the living cells and activates collagen.

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We start by sourcing the most nutrient dense plants in the world from the Sonoran Desert. Then we create super concentrated effective formulas by combining the best of science and nature. To accomplish this we cold process our active ingredients, work with the farmers to make sure we know our ingredients, source locally whenever possible, keep our formulas vegan, use natural preservative systems, pH balance all of our products, keep synthetic toxins, fragrances, colorants out of our products and we never test on animals......Actually, we test our products on the people we love best.

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